• What you will learn ?

    Understand the MVC architectural pattern

    Implement CRUD operations

    Build forms with server-side and client-side validation

    Build RESTful services using ASP.NET Web API

    Use powerful jQuery plug-ins

    Implement authentication and authorisation using ASP.NET Web API

    Use Entity Framework to query or update data

    Understand and apply security best practices

    Build and deploy applications

    Create and customize build configurations

    Manage client / server dependencies

    Test APIs using PostMan

    Use AutoMapper

  • Getting Started

    Introduction Preview

    MVC Architectural Pattern Preview

    Setting Up the Development Environment Preview

    Your First ASP.NET MVC App Preview

    MVC in Action Preview

  • ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals


    Action Results

    Action Parameters

    Convention-based Routing

    Attribute Routing

    Passing Data to Views

    View Models

    Razor Syntax

    Partial Views

  • Working with Data


    Entity Framework

    Database-first vs Code-first

    Code-first Migrations

    Changing the Model

    Seeding the Database

    Overriding Conventions

    Querying Objects

    Eager Loading

    Shortcut to Package Manager Console

  • Building Forms


    The Markup


    Drop-down Lists

    Model Binding

    Saving Data

    Edit Form

    Updating Data

  • Implementing Validation


    Adding Validation

    Styling Validation Errors

    Data Annotations

    Custom Validation

    Refactoring Magic Numbers

    Validation Summary

    Client-side Validation

    Anti-forgery Tokens

  • Client-side Development


    Calling an API Using jQuery

    Bootbox Plug-in

    Optimizing jQuery Code

    Data Tables Plug-in

    Data Tables with Ajax Source

    Returning Hierarchical Data

    Data Tables Removing Records

    Data Tables Discussion Points

    Single Page Applications (SPAs)

  • Authentication and Authorization


    The Problem

    Authentication Options

    ASP.NET Identity

    Restricting Access

    Seeding Users and Roles

    Working with Roles

    Adding Profile Data

    Social Logins

    Adding the Details

    Edge Cases

    Building the Front-end

  • Performance Optimization



    Data Tier


    Output Cache

    Data Cache


    Release Builds

    Disabling Session

    Client Tier

    Chrome Developer Tools Tip

  • Building a Feature End-to-End Systematically


    Understanding the Problem

    Domain Modelling

    Building the Simplest API

    Adding Auto-completion

    Improving the Look and Feel

    Filtering Records

    Submitting the Form

    Displaying Toast Notifications

    Implementing Client-side Validation

    Code Review

  • Deployment


    Deploying the Application

    Deploying the Database

    Build Configurations

    Application Settings

    Securing Configuration Settings

    Securing Configuration Settings

    Custom Error Pages

    Logging Exceptions

    Final Touch